Master thesis and degree work

Between 25 and 26 of July 2016, our master students defended their master thesis. Paloma Garrido and Anna Štindlová dissertations are included in Microtrophic project, analyzing the contamination associated to microplastics. Daniel Bondyale-Juez has specialized in respiration, comparing this parameter in autotroph and heterotroph organisms.

On the other hand, Gádor Muntaner presented her degree work, based on silvertip sharks populations in Revillagigedo archipelago (Mexico).

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V Simposio internacional de Ciencias del Mar

During the days 20-22 of July 2016, our collegues Mayte Tames-Espinosa, Vanesa Romero-Kutzner and Sara González-Galisteo presented their works in the V International Simposium of Marine Science, celebrated in Alicante (Spain).

Maye Tames-Espinosa: Oral presentation entitled “Measuring the plankton CO2 production throughout the water column by the isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) activity”

Vanesa Romero-Kutzner: presented her work “Aging and Respiration in the Marine Bacteria, Pseudomonas nautical” in a poster

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Participation in the 5th International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium, in Barcelona

Participation in the 5th International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium held in Barcelona on May 30 to June 3, 2016, where May Gomez contributed with a poster presenting the PERSEO project.

The guiding philosophy behind PERSEO is the conviction that a small investment in growing jellyfish and in learning their biological, chemical, and physical secrets will yield a large return to society by improving ecosystem models and by aiding the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries advances their research.

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EOMAR at MICRO2016, in Lanzarote

EOMAR has participated during May 25-27 at the International Conference "MICRO2016 Fate and impact of microplastics in Marine Ecosystems. From the Coastline to the Open Sea". This conference is drafting "The declaration of Lanzarote" that will reflected all the results and conclusions obtained, where EOMAR has participated actively.

Contribution to the congress:

Alicia Herrera: talk about her project, “Microtrophic project”.

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ICES/PICES 6th Zooplankton Production Symposium took place in Norway during mid-May, and EOMAR presented 8 posters and one talk.

- Ico Martínez
Título: A preview of the ocean acidification effect on potential respiratory activity

Presentation of the results of experiments with mesocosms, carried out in collaboration with the project Bioacid - Biological Impacts of Ocean ACIDification, in Gran Canaria.

-Alicia Herrera:
Título: Microtrophic project

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EOMAR participated in FIMAR2016

EOMAR enjoyed an stand during FIMAR, an event held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during May 2016. We attach some pictures taken during this 3-days event.

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Three new doctors in our group

This last february has been a very productive month for EOMAR in academic terms. Three members of EOMAR presented and defended their doctoral thesis after a number of productive and tough work. Their titles and authors are the following:

1. "Understanding the zooplankton ammonium excretion: From biogeochemical implications to intracellular regulatory mechanisms". Dr. Igor Fernández-Urruzola

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New about MicroTrophic in the local newspaper La Provincia

The local newspaper La Provincia published the last December 13th a new about the work done by the project Microtrophic.

The text can be accessed here (in Spanish).

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