Another new doctor in our group!

Yesterday, our colleague Daniel R. Bondyale Juez presented and defended his doctoral thesis entitled “’Jellyfish’ as predators and prey. Studying their respiratory metabolism and biochemical composition”. With this work, he provides very new data on the knowledge of gelatinous organisms such as Pelagia noctiluca, Aurelia aurita, Velella velella and Physalia physalis. Congratulations!!

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ENVIROPLANET newsletter (January 2021)

January newsletter of the Thematic Network of micro and nanoplastics in the environment (ENVIROPLANET), a thematic research network formed by a set of Spanish research groups working on topics related to pollution by plastic materials, among which we are. 
You can find the groups working in this network and the activities in which we have been participating, as well as the publications and dissemination of the work done.
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Recognition of teaching excellence to our coordinator May Gómez

Our most sincere congratulations to May Gómez, Professor of Zoology and coordinator of EOMAR.

She has received recognition for her excellence in the quality of teaching, in each and every one of the courses evaluated and in each of the dimensions valued: Planning of teaching, development of teaching and results of teaching.



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SMACC: Free software for microplastics automatic counting and classification

Together with Dr. Javier Lorenzo-Navarro and Dr. Modesto Castrillón-Santana, professors at the Faculty of Computer Science, we have developed a free software for the automation of the counting and identification of microplastics. The process for the development of this software has been published in the IEEE Access journal, an impact journal within the computer field and finally a web page has been created for free download. The paper has been found in our "Papers" section.

Here is the link to download the SMACC software:

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Vigilia al Océano. Unidos por nuestro mundo marino

On November 23rd, an environmental awareness day was held at the CN Metropole facilities (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) in which we participated.

We set up our stand focused on microplastics and our colleague Eugenio Raymond gave a short talk with the results we have obtained.



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MICRO 2018 International Conference

From 19th to 23rd of November, EOMAR participated in MICRO2018 International Conference: Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge, Actions and  Solutions, celebrated in Lanzarote, Canary Island.  

Comunications presented:

(1) Lorenzo-Navarro, J. M. Castrillón –Santana, A. Herrera, I. Martínez, P. Marín -Reyes, M. Gómez. 

Oral comunication:  Deep Learning vs Classical Computer Vision Techniques for Microplastics Classification

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Pélagos. Espacio para la Ciencia Oceánica en Canarias

On the days 12 and 14 of November, members of EOMAR participated in a national oceanographic conference in Tenerife, presenting their works about microplastics.

(1) Rapp, J. A. Herrera, I. Martínez, M. Gómez.

Oral comunication: Microplastic Pollution On Gran Canaria Island Beaches

(2) Raymond, E. Rapp, J. A. Herrera, I. Martínez, M. Gómez.

Oral comunication: Microplásticos En Las Aguas De Canarias Y Madeira

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Summary of the EOMAR "tour"

From February to March 2018, we traveled across the west coast of USA, with the aim of “put in us on the map” making our investigations known and negotiate future collaborations (postdoctoral positions, brief internships for our students …). During this period, we visited several institutions described below:

1. University of Washington (Seattle, Washington)  


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