FIMAR 2019

We continue, one more year, to contribute our grain of sand to scientific divulgation in FIMAR (Feria Internacional del Mar), celebrated last weekend in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


(1) Alicia Herrera "Organic pollutants in marine debris"


(2) Inmaculada Herrera "Maritime Spatial Planning (Canary Islands)"


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RETI Symposium 2019

EOMAR members have participated in the RETI Symposium 2019: Promoting intercultural dialogue and social cohesion in islands, celebrated in Gran Canaria and Tenerife islands during this week.

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New paper in Progress in Oceanography

Satellites have clearly demonstrated the worth in mapping the ocean’s temperature, wave height, and plankton productivity, but we have not learned how to map the ocean’s rates of nitrogen-based productivity, respiratory CO2 production, oxygen consumption, and many other important ocean rate processes. Our recently published paper on modeling New Production from nitrate reductase activity is a “first-step” in learning how to map nitrate-based primary productivity over time and in ocean-space.

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Extraordinary Doctorate award for Igor Fernández-Urruzola

On Saturday 26 January our colleague Igor Fernández Urruzola was awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Award 2018, thanks to the thesis entitled: Understanding the zooplankton ammonium excretion: From biogeochemical implications to intracellular regulatory mechanisms, directed by May Gómez and Ted Packard. Award was collected on their behalf by his directors.

We congratulate our colleague!


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Vigilia al Océano. Unidos por nuestro mundo marino

On November 23rd, an environmental awareness day was held at the CN Metropole facilities (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) in which we participated.

We set up our stand focused on microplastics and our colleague Eugenio Raymond gave a short talk with the results we have obtained.



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MICRO 2018 International Conference

From 19th to 23rd of November, EOMAR participated in MICRO2018 International Conference: Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge, Actions and  Solutions, celebrated in Lanzarote, Canary Island.  

Comunications presented:

(1) Lorenzo-Navarro, J. M. Castrillón –Santana, A. Herrera, I. Martínez, P. Marín -Reyes, M. Gómez. 

Oral comunication:  Deep Learning vs Classical Computer Vision Techniques for Microplastics Classification

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Pélagos. Espacio para la Ciencia Oceánica en Canarias

On the days 12 and 14 of November, members of EOMAR participated in a national oceanographic conference in Tenerife, presenting their works about microplastics.

(1) Rapp, J. A. Herrera, I. Martínez, M. Gómez.

Oral comunication: Microplastic Pollution On Gran Canaria Island Beaches

(2) Raymond, E. Rapp, J. A. Herrera, I. Martínez, M. Gómez.

Oral comunication: Microplásticos En Las Aguas De Canarias Y Madeira

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International Symposium on Marine Sciences

 During last week (20th-22th June) EOMAR members participated in the VI International Symposium on Marine Science in Vigo (Spain). Works presented in this conference:

- Alicia Herrera (oral presentation): "The Canary Islands:  A hot spot of microplastic pollution"


- Jorge Rapp (poster): "Microplastic pollution on Gran Canaria Island beaches"



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