2018 Ocean Science Meeting in Portland, Oregon

During the week between 11 and 16 of February, EOMAR members participated in the 2018 Ocean Science Meeting with the following works:

May Gómez (poster): The R/ETS ratio: What does it tell us?

Theodore T. Packard (poster): Heterotrophic energy production in the Ocean

Daniel Bondyale-Juez (poster): Aurelia aurita respiratory metabolism and protein content shifts from polyp to medusa

Daniel Bondyale-Juez (poster): Effects of food supply on the asexual reproduction and respiratory metabolism of Aurelia aurita polyps

Mayte Tames-Espinosa (oral presentation): Modelling potential CO2 production in plankton communities from isocitrate dehydrogenase activity

Vanesa Romero-Kutzner (oral presentation): Metabolism in jellyfish: an enzymatic approach