EOMAR at MICRO2016, in Lanzarote

EOMAR has participated during May 25-27 at the International Conference "MICRO2016 Fate and impact of microplastics in Marine Ecosystems. From the Coastline to the Open Sea". This conference is drafting "The declaration of Lanzarote" that will reflected all the results and conclusions obtained, where EOMAR has participated actively.

Contribution to the congress:

Alicia Herrera: talk about her project, “Microtrophic project”.

Paloma Garrido: Poster entitled “Improvement of microplastic extraction method in organic material rich samples”, where she tests and compares the efficiency of two methodologies, described for the microplastics extraction in organic material rich samples, in the digestion of algae and vegetal material from sediment samples.

Ajka Štindlová: Poster entitled “Microplastic ingestion by planktivorous fishes in the Canary Current”, which shows preliminary results of her study on the presence of micro-plastics in the stomachs of three fish species (Boops boops, Scomber colias y Sardinella maderensis).