V Simposio internacional de Ciencias del Mar

During the days 20-22 of July 2016, our collegues Mayte Tames-Espinosa, Vanesa Romero-Kutzner and Sara González-Galisteo presented their works in the V International Simposium of Marine Science, celebrated in Alicante (Spain).

Maye Tames-Espinosa: Oral presentation entitled “Measuring the plankton CO2 production throughout the water column by the isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) activity”

Vanesa Romero-Kutzner: presented her work “Aging and Respiration in the Marine Bacteria, Pseudomonas nautical” in a poster

Sara González-Galisteo: presented a poster entitled “Modeling Phytoplankton New Production in the Peru Upwelling from Nitrate Reductase Activity and Light”