Funding Agency: Interreg Europe (PGI05063)
Partners: Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany and Netherlands,
Time active: 2019-2022
Leading researcher: José Carlos Ribeiro Ferreira, NOVA University Lisbon, Dr. Ricardo Haroum y Dra. María M. Gómez Cabrera from ULPGC
Number of researchers involved: 15
Funds: 1 537 391 € (ULPGC: 174 605 €)

CAPonLITTER aims at improving policies and practices that can help in preventing marine litter that results from coastal tourism and recreational activities. More specifically, the project will focus on key fractions of waste, such as plastic food and drink containers originating from beach facilities and recreational events, due to improper behaviour of consumers but also to lack of incentives and structures for prevention, collection and recycling of waste.