Microplastic research

Last week, here in ULPGC, from 14 to 18 of june, was held a course named “Introduction to the Microplastic research”, organized by us. During that week,  6 talks and  5 workshops were given.  






(*) Current status of microplastic pollution in the Canary Islands and its transfer in food chain. May Gómez, Alicia Herrera



(*) Adsorbed pollutants by microplastics: types, analytic methodologies and current studies. Javier Hernández Borges


(*) Microplastics by land, sea and air. Miguel González Pleiter


(*) Removal of microplastics in sewage treatment plants. Javier Bayo Bernal



(*) Microplastics in fish (May Gómez, Alicia Herrera)


(*) Microplastic sampling in beaches (Alicia Herrera)



(*) Counting and analysing of microplastics by image analysis (Modesto Castrillón,  Javier Lorenzo)


(*) Microplastic analysis by FTIR (Mª Dolores Marrero, Zaida Ortega)




(*) Plastics and microplastics impact on sea turtles (Ana Liria Loza, Patricia Ostiategui)